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In Home Care:

We can provide you and your family member with a suitable professional carer for your child’s care needs on a permanent, casual or temporary replacement basis.
You can arrange for the carer to assist in:
1. Family home
2. Local community
3. School
4. University
5. Work
The carer will assist with implementing an individualised routine based on their emerging interests and developmental level.

Program Assistant:

This service involves:
1. Assistance with building their capacity and independence with your child’s ‘daily living’ skills. Like; Personal Care, Dressing, Cooking, Feeding, Travel Training, Budgeting, Basic Technology Skills.
2. Implementation of the home component of your child’s Multidisciplinary program that has been designed by the specialists on their ‘Allied Health’ team and/or the ‘Medical’ team. It could also be used to implement other life skills like travelling, budgeting or using technology.

Key Worker:

Assistance with coordination of major transitional periods like:

  • Leaving the Early Childhood space (childcare),
  • Entering Formal schooling (primary and secondary)
  • Leaving formal schooling and entering into higher education and training, volunteering and working or independent living.

You are able to access this service through your assigned ‘Key Worker’ or one can be assigned for the purpose of a specific transitional period.



A tailored tutoring program can be designed for your school aged child or teen. Programs are individualised and based on each students learning style and pace.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Home and Yard Maintenance:

Your family has the opportunity to access a professional to assist you with any home services like; cooking, basic cleaning, basic lawn and yard clean up.